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1. a Benedict Arnold
2. a purposefully absent-minded person who swears multiple oaths of allegiance often forgetting previous avowals.
3. a R.I.N.O who speands a large amound of time pandering to the Left.

-verb (used with an object)- estpped
1. to renege on a promise
2. to lose sight of what one once held dear
3. to sell-out before any money has been offered.

-verb (without an object)
1. to up and leave, severing all previous ties without any explanation
2. to commit acts of sedition or, more generally, high-treason

-adjective- estepping
1. Treasoning
2. Purposefully forgetting
Oh, Benedict Arnold? Isn't he the one who estepped that fort in New York?

He dediced not to come to the game as he's estepping the football team this year.

Yeah sure I'd support Hillary Clinton's run for office, if I were a complete estep.

The Rosenburgs, while communists, were also enterprising and estepping individuals who helped to escolate the Cold War.
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