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Sweet,caring and kind

Blaine's are often short,curly hobbit like but sexy people
who are smart,sweet,kind,caring and are generally to be labeled as perfect. However they do have flaws but are just to shy or in some cases proud to show them. Blaine's can be dopey, puppy like, child like and have a tendency to be oblivious be mistaken for frodo and do or say things they shouldn't have said or done without really meaning them. sometimes you just need to give them a little push in the right direction to get them to wake up and see the light.
"you just sang an inapropriate song in an inapropriate place to an inapropriate person when you should have serenading me"

"oh sorry..wait you like me?"

"uhg! Blaine you are so oblivious!"
by theunicorninallofus October 24, 2011

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