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MOGAI is a term that stands for "Marginalized Orientations, Gender identities, And Intersex". It was a good idea at first, but Tumblr has turned it into a tucute mess of aesthetic-based genders, unnecessary orientations, and millions of repeats.
Aydn: I use he/him, star/stars/starself, and xi/xym pronouns, and I'm transgender! I don't have dysphoria, but I'm a stargender transboi! I don't need to pass because people should just accept me for who I am! If you don't want to have sex with me you're transphobic! All MOGAI idenitities are valid!
Anyone else: Go outside!
by theowoeht October 29, 2018

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hell. Filled with many types of horrible people. Pedophiles that claim that they're non-offending when they actively flirt with children. People that don't go outside enough and suicide bait when someone tells them that they can't be a stargender glitravir orangeflux antidysphoric omnikin demiboi. Some cool artists, but generally not a good site. Stay away from it at all costs.
Skailyr (tucute way of spelling skylar that is actually used on tumblr): You're learning Japanese? That's cultural appropriation!
Carl: Someone needs to take a break from Tumblr.
by theowoeht October 29, 2018

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