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Hampden-Sydney is an all-male college in central Virginia that sustains its anachronistic community on the premise that all HS-C men are Southern gentlemen. Generally, the Hampden Sydney man is rich, white, Southern, conservative, and preppy. He is given vast freedom to live as he wants at the college based on a unique concept: personal honor. "A Hampden-Sydney Man shall not lie, cheat, or steal, nor tolerate those who do." He tries his best to live by that mantra. It is a fact that Hampden-Sydney is a world unto itself, where public partying is a facet of campus life. The average HS-C man drinks gallons of beer per semester, uses tobacco in some form, loves to hunt, fish, listen to rock and roll (ie Widespread, 80's bands, Southern rock, jam bands), dresses well,(Polo, Lacoste, etc, with camo ball cap), has a hot girlfriend, and fully expects to live well. Note: the campus is an island of wealth in a sea of poverty; with that wealth comes great excess at times. It is true that because of the personal freedom (and wealth), frequently HS-C men get away with a lot of things that are plain illegal. But the true HS-C man is at heart a Southern boy, honest and friendly, chivilrous towards women, with a code of honor that words cannot define, a sense of brotherhood that spans decades, and hospitality as warm as Makers' Mark. He is what he is, and he likes it that way. Take him or leave him.
Macon Game Tailgate, 1975:
Joe: Hi, sir, I'm a freshman.
Alumni: Really? Nice to meet you son, have a beer!

Macon Game Tailgate, 2005:
Freshman: This place is cool as hell!
Alumni Joe: Yes it is son. Have a beer!
by thegeneral August 09, 2005
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