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Sydney Skyscraper is a daring act combining vertigo and defecation. One partner gets to an elavated position (at least 10 stories high), aims their ass over the edge while hanging precariously. They then drop their brown bomb onto the chest of their partner who is eagerly awaiting it on the ground below. Extra points are awarded for a direct facial hit. Variations include, the "Cherry Picker" (in lieu of a Skyscraper) and the "Hit and Run" (dropping your cable on an unsuspecting passerby and making a run before they can ID you...only for advanced afficianados).
Dude, I totally nailed that slut Sarah with a classic Sydney Skyscraper the other day. The Hit and Run was in full fucking effect, the bitch didn't even know who got her!
by thebadcanuck July 25, 2010

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