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An innovator who helped invent one of the worlds largest and most wallet snatching companies of all time. Purposefully left things out of products so people would buy the next product. A business move still common in the company today. Steve also revolutionized the world. Criticized by many, he died being hated by PC and Linux lovers all over the world. Hundreds cried over his death. Many who made jokes about him stfu'd or made death jokes to have a laugh at his demise. He may have been able to rob you blind, but he innovated that market fOr many to keep the ball rolling. R.I.P.
No example, except that steve is the reason I learned how to type. I grew up around macs, and people made fun of me for it and called me apple boy. When the ipad came out, they all wanted to look at it. I finally had something they didn't. Thank you jobs. I am writing this on an ipad, so it is kind of symbolic. Steve jobs, I thank you
by the_underachiever October 21, 2012

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