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A short squat race, usually referred to 'extremely hairy'(think Captain Caveman). They feed on rock moss gathered from rolling stones with their specially adapted lower jaw and inscisors. Groups of these creatures called 'litters' consist of a mother (pregnant), father (toothless), and any number of children (molested). Hillbillies.
Do you see those hill people? They'll never get in this club dressed like that.
by the_decline May 08, 2008

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Refers to the sticker put on the center of a record, white with no writing on it. These records are used for bootlegs, or 'fan releases', taken from live concert recordings. The tracks on these bootlegs usually have not been formally recorded by the band, are unavailable to listen to and can be really bad quality.
Rocker1: I got a Descendents 7"
Rocker2: Really which one?
Rocker1: Some white label- it sounds really shitty, but its the only way I can listen to these songs.
by the_decline May 08, 2008

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