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An event created summer of 2009, and held in Anchorage, Alaska on a random Thursday night, where teams of "girlfriends" enjoy a scavenger hunt throughout downtown, stopping at the local bars and misc places along the way. Each team must have a theme, and dress up as well as decorate their shopping cart accordingly. They must also have a digital camera to document their tasks and a check off list for the bartenders at each stop to initial after the specified drink has been drunk. We do not encourage stealing shopping carts and will take full responsibility for such actions once we're arrested, because there's a good chance it'll happen.
B: "what is all this talk about shopping cart races and how did i get involved?"
K: "your girlfriend agreed to it without your knowledge, now you're stuck. It'll be fun, shopping carts, decorations, booze... and possibly an arrest"
B:"i knew if i hung out with people with tattoos and piercings, this would happen..."
by theGETSOMEgirlsofAK May 13, 2009
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