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This typically describes a man under 5 foot 5 inches. Short man syndrome men usually have a heavier body, a small head , but a larger face, typically are going bald. A man with short man syndrome will try to overcomensate for his small stature by buying oversize cars, always lying, being very controlling, very bossy, and think they are always right. They cannot admit they are wrong. They will align themselves with the people they think can do the most for them, and will use people to their advantage, lying about everything. They will cruise myspace, facebook,...ect... for hours trying to find friends that are female (that they dont really know) just to give the impression that they are popular with the ladies.
Mike bought a oversize SUV even though he could not afford the gas, cause he wants the girls to focus on the car not that he is short. He has short man syndrome.
Nick invite every girl onto his myspace to look like he is popular.
by the truth will rock ya May 08, 2012

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