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One of the most amazing phenomenons I have ever, and probably ever will, encounter(ed) in my lifetime.
Harry Potter is not only a book or a series, or even just a fictional character. It's so much more then that to so many people.
Harry Potter is one of the reason some of our generation today are literate, and know the difference between your & you're. It's also the only book that I wouldn't mind giving up the internet in order to READ & FINISH it.
Not many books can do that.

There are a total of seven books and there are no future plans to write any more.
Harry Potter is one of the most well-written books I have ever read in my life. The imagination in it is amazing, and the plots keep you reading. It has unexpected twists. Reading the books in order, you'll see that there were the tiniest little hints as to what would happen later on in a different book.
And strangely enough, I love them for that. When you read something like that, your eyes widen and you go "Oh my god!!!" because when you first started this book before reading the others, it seemed like just an unnecessary point.

Harry Potter has also been made into movies. Amazingly enough, none of them have been completely butchered. They get the grasp pretty well I would say.

Anyway, this was really long.
Harry Potter is just amazing. I recommend it to everyone, of ALL ages.
Harry Potter! Hairy Pothead! Parry Hotter! HARRY POTTAH!

I wish I had JK Rowling's imagination. Le sigh.
by the pantz youz in September 04, 2007

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A really crappy song by Justin Timberlake.
"She's got me lovestoned, I think that she knows, I think that she knows,"
"Dude, turn that crap off!"
by the pantz youz in September 03, 2007

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