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Succudonkey :
this is a hybrid demoness that posseses the disturbing traits of both a succubus and a swampdonkey. This is an evil whore of a women who preys on unsuspecting men that are either too drunk to fend off the demoness Succudonkey or have simply passed out and has no clue of the disgusting sex that is about to be made to him without his ever knowing. If you can deffend yourself then you should not worry, if youre a heavy sleeper/drinker take notice you have been warned
An almost attractive but not really pretty whore of a women that has no qualms over molesting a drunk/unsuspecting man at any cost.Her hunting grounds are anywhere that normal men hang out and drink or just any guy who she can decive into going home with her. She travels in packs normally with hot non-Succudonkey females(these women are innocent and have no knowledge of the Succudonkey's twisted plan of "action"). Caution these demoness whores are more often than not diseased creatures infected with a wide range of v.d. or even t.b.
by the original teej 852 October 25, 2010
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