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Undisputedly the BEST, most AMAZING band ever. Appreciated, loved, an adored by all of those who truly understand what real music is. Sadly, some of those faggy new-age kids think they're "Gay", or "puss-tastic". These kids should either be A: Beaten over the head with the crappy albums they listen to, til they lie on the ground bleading, B: Be forced to listen to The Beatles until they have a musical epiphany and realize the glory of this band, or, if all else fails, C: die in a hole.

Long arguments can be held at lunch tables or cocktail parties or the workplace, or wherever you spend your time, said arguments being held with said faggy punks.

They wrote some of my favorite songs, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Revolution, Let It Be, Hey Jude, Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds, What You're Doing, and Blackbird.
Argument with me and my friends at lunch table:

Me: Dude, I just bought another Beatles album that I didn't have, I'm so siked!

Intelligent Music Loving Friend: Dude, that's awesome! That band rocks!!!

Un-named faggot #1: God, you guys are such pussies!! I can't beleive you don't listen to ear-drum-ripping, head pounding, I'm gonna go kill mself music!

Un-named fag #2: Yeah, or (c)rap music!! The Beatles are for gay guys!!

Me and my music loving friend: *pull out shotgun, load with a couple orunds of common sense, fire at un-named fags til they lie on the ground bleeding, stupidity drainging from the bullet holes scattered across their bodies. walk away, laughing.*
by the mad sporker March 08, 2008
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