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Derived from the word derelict, commonly abbreviated to 'dero' in australasian slang, the Deronaught is one who revels in trappings of deroness and consistently aspires to reach new heights (depths) of poor behaviour, drunkeness and semi-conscious lunacy.

The line drawn between deros and deronaughts is a very fine distinction, the principle difference being that a deronaught consciously pursues and takes pride in the act whereas a dero is so determined by the unconscious lack of social standards. Not always evident to the untrained observer.
An example of the typical sentiment expressed by a deronaught:

"M3@N!1! D3R0
This makes me want to pound a couple of litres of white ace / hanky bannister cocktails (called pissing the bed), go to a party, lie, steal, smash and puke."
by the dero from bero January 28, 2008

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