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a electronica band started by scene idol dahvie vanity. they have released two cds and are not yet signed. they are known for their obscene pervertedness and catchy songs but are also the sex. used to consist of just dahvie vanity and chris but chris quit and they now have garrett ecstasy. not yet famous but are showing major signs of possible fame. they kinda well known in their general area that they live in at florida. very easily recognized with their girlyish singing and perverted lyrics.
scene girl:"zomg did u hear that blood on the dance floor is coming to dallas!"

scene guy:"hellz yea i did i am so going."
by the alexis tragedy March 07, 2009
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scene kids often like to "break the mold." they think that they are the "sex" or the "shit." often love robotz and dinosawrz or say that they do. they love to say that they are thug or so siq. say radd and speak in acronyms.
scene guy dress:
short choppy black and 2+ other color hair
skinny jeans or girl jeans that they might not be able to walk in.
tight shirts that are for girls and are most likely 5 sizes to small(mainly hello kitty or random electronica bands like blood on the dance floor or dot dot curve).
tattoos at leats one place on the body
owns 2+ pairs of vans or neon colored nikes
bandanas on not necessary parts of the body

scene girl dress:
head bands
2+ colored long choppy hair
snake bites, nose rings, plugs and cartilage peircings
shirts that are 1 or 2 sizes too small for their already stick like bodys also hello kitty or electronica bands but they also wear band shirts like chiodos or dance gavin dance.
straight leg or skinny jeans that are 2 sizes too small
vans, nike, or converse shoes or flats
bracelets covering most of their arms

scene people listen to hardxcore, electronica, techno, rave or screamo music. think guys like dahvie vanity and oliver sykes are the sex(cuz they are!)
(girl)botdfxlover42: HeY nIgGa WaTs Up?

(guy)dotdotcuve966: NoThIn much playa. just saw your 200 new pics of your new hair. so the secks! u do it yo self?

botdfxlover42: hellz yea i did!!how could i trust a stylist unless its dahvie to give me such badass scene hair? just got the idea from dahvies new collection staying alive 08-09. he so siq!

dotdotcurve966: ikr? i just heard his bands new song tis the shitt.

botdfxlover42: word up! d00d u r so thug. well i g2g rape a penguin. see ya!
by the alexis tragedy March 07, 2009
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