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A college located in Lima Ohio known widely for its high performance motorsports program. the school also offers majors in Auto-tech, Diesel tech, Alternate fuels, HVAC/AC, Toyota T-Ten, and of course bussiness. the school is well known for its less then luxurious dorms and lack of things to do on the weekends. students occupy their free time by working or comsuming dangerous amounts of Pepsi Lite. they also play alot of video games such as Nascar2008.
They have recently brought back collegent sports but none of them are even close to real teams, except the student stock car team and any of the other teams that dont involve a bunch of full grown men that fight over who gets to touch the ball.
the school also owns a 1/4 mile high bank clay oval called LIMALAND
Man i love the university of northwestern ohio,
UNOH is awesome!
Hey buddy, lets go to lima land
by the UNO Racer November 27, 2007

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