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A young person who has adopted a healthy, fiscally stable, (boring) adult lifestyle
Since bill married Brenda he started going to church on Wednesday nights. Dude is a total responsibilitron.
by the j-bird April 21, 2013
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To sort items with one's nose: can apply to prospective dates, food items, and of course, dirty laundry.
Beavis spent all morning going through the hamper, but could not snifferentiate which pair of boxers to wear to his sister's wedding.
by The J-bird April 16, 2006
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n. Any light beer. Especially American lagers. Light beers that can be drank in relatively large quantity without much intoxication.
I'm driving later, can you pass me one of those near beers out of the cooler? (e.g., a Coors Light)

I drank like ten near beers this afternoon, but I'm still gonna go out tonight.

Dude if your wife gives you crap about bringing alcohol into the house just make it clear your drinkin' near beers. Nobody cares about a couple peebers.
by the J-bird June 29, 2013
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