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Yngwie Johann Malmsteen-
Swedish Guitarist, gained inspiration from Jimi Hendrix whilst watching a TV programme on his death... not by listening to him!!!
He also became inspired by classical baroque music, mainly bach, and a violinist named Niccolo Paganini. He Mainly uses Harmonic Minor and Phyrigean modes and plays in the key of E flat minor, using his scalloped Fender Strat, through his personalised Overdrive pedal, into a (stupidly big) marshall stack.

Has a son named Antonio Yngwie Johann Malmsteen. Wife named April Malmsteen.

As some one before me has mentioned, Yngwie rips an extra asshole into those other so called "virtuosos" who think they are better.... Even if he is a cunt in person.
Yngwie Johann Malmsteen - Shredder of Shredders
by the next malmsteen November 08, 2004

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