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The acts that pertain to a wide variety of douchiness that include (but are not limited to)-"reppin" the west coast and convincing yourself you are THE west coast (although you live in the middle of the southwest), attacking civics with shovels (because bats are so overrated), the constant band-wagoning of one of the following-LA Lakers, NY Yankees, or any other "hip team," treating girls more worse than how Ron Artest treats Detroit Piston fans, liking Wiz Khalifa because you heard it on the pop radio station and desperately want to start a conversation with someone since everybody you come into contact with automatically thinks you're a tool, indirectly advocating the need to get your ass beaten, hanging out with T-Town youngins..mainly in the Oro Valley area since nobody over the age of 15 can automatically sense your tooltastic ideals, posing on top of cop cars (since you may be too pu$$y to do it while the cop is watching and your Myspace needs a new profile pic), the changing of ones religious views/heritage on a weekly basis, or the self convincing attitude that "a jail can't handle me" when in reality, your immaturity would be bent over your bunk and given a ride by various members of the Mexican Mafia, Cartels, and MS13.
That brosef has got Tucson Syndrome (TS) pretty bad. That's his third Natty and he's already yielding that shovel. Quick! Someone play some Black & Yellow to calm him down so we won't miss any of the LA game.
by thatguychico May 07, 2011
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