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1.) When Kobe is doing work and his teammates are watching history being made instead of helping him out.

2.) when someone is watching you get some from a girl. It is also known as being a creeper and is ashamed upon.
often happens in the movie theater

see peeping tom
Announcer: "kobe pulls up for three, misses grabs his rebound looks for an open teammate but there all staring at him like zombies, pulls up for another three and drains it!!"

Mike: "what was your favorite part of the movie shannon?"

Shannon:(awkwardly laughs)

Chris: "are you trying to imply she wasnt watching the movie and was making out with Jim?!?"

Mike: (nervously) "No of course not"

Chris: "Stop Kobe watching kid!"
by that one guyyyyy June 13, 2010

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