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Being in a state of peacefulness is a wonderful experience. Inner peace is a tough nut crack but once you reach a level of calmness peace automatically follows. The question is how do we reach a state of feeling peaceful? Feelings of completeness, contentment, happiness, joy and love are thought to destroy negative emotions and negative feelings, love being the most powerful. Today i can personally say that a combination of the afore mentioned feelings do bring inner peace, especially when you feel content and happy within the completeness you experience as a result of giving and receiving love. To be peaceful is to feel complete. And usually, a feeling of true completeness comes when you connect with that special person that completes you. The reason you experience that inner peace is because they have gifted you with the elements required to feel whole and balanced. So we must thank our loved ones for being the joy that they are in our life and gifting us with that peace, for with out them, inner peace would somehow still remain a myth, or at the least an incomplete inner peace.
The reason why we experience being peaceful is because we are completed my the love shared between our loved one and ourselves.

dedicated to the person who completes me:)
by thankyou4himgod June 17, 2010

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