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an insulting name used when trash-talking your weak-ass, wannabe-pool-shark friend.

Pabio comes from a "copulation" of an acronym (P.A.B. -punk ass bitch)and a gay celebrity (Fabio).
<while shooting pool, Scott often misses>
B: "Man, you suck! You is PABIO!"
Snacky: "!#(< you. You're PABIO. You should be thanking me for letting your $#!++y ass have a shot.. hoover "D"-luxe!"
B: "Gaylord!"
by tha supa November 21, 2007
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a flip, flip-phone, a flipper and another name for Dr. Evil.
Is flippityfloppityfleazy up in here?
by tha supa November 20, 2007
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