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the best kind of girls around. always cute and propper, never ever seen in public without there pearls, lacostes, polos, designer jeans, michael stars, or sunglasses w/ croakies. usually seen cruising around in there range rovers/land rovers and blasting there beach music. southern girls know how to party and can drink a beer better than any other kind of girl. they are alot of fun and always cute and preppy. they are extremely adorable fun lovin girls from there perfectly cut hair down to there peticured toes
southern guy 1- when im older, i want to marry a southern girl, they are so perfect

southern guy 2- yeah and then we will have little southern babies that will all drink sweet tea and eat grits and fried chicken

southern guy 3-yeah and dont forget, carolina girls are the best in the world
by tea and grits March 25, 2006

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well you have two groups. the popular bitches who think they are the shit and everyone wants to be, then the girls who are sweet pretty but not so popular and bitchy.

i happen to know alot of the popular bitches, and they are, trust me, very very bitchy. they will back stab you until you cant breathe and they will make your highschool experience a living hell if you make one wrong move. its very easy to make a wrong move.

the other girls, the cute pretty but not so popular and bitchy girls, are great. they are mostly pretty laid back and have alot of guy friends. they get compliments from these guys alot because they know they are much better than the bitches because they have respect from the guys. and that is what makes them awesome, and they know it.
guy 1: wow i hate those bitchy girls
guy 2: but i love those cute pretty girls
guy 3: why cant girls just have one group. called "Broughton Girls"
by tea and grits March 17, 2006

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