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An under the radar professional gamer in Counter-Strike: 1.6 and Counter-Strike: Source making over 10,000$ in prize money alone and more in winnings.

Was drafted to CGS Chimeras a week before the CGS died.

His top known teams were REAL, N2P, Mug'n'Mouse, and MAINGEAR.

Leagues of those teams consisted of Cal Invite to Cevo Professional

Contracted under MAINGEAR making 500 a month.

Last heard, he was starting a community using Custom PC company MAINGEAR as well as AMD and ATI as the main sponsors for giveaways. Any info prob can be found googling maingear gaming legacy or maingear community.
Mike: I call hax. LegacY is fking HACKING.
Joe: STFU noob. LegacY is pro.

Ript1d3: I think that was LegacY from MAINGEAR
Xen0: N0 fuck1ng w4y!
Ript1d3: Wow he is a fucking BEAST!
by tayl0rmade October 15, 2009

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