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when a douche gives you something then takes it back.
ricky: hey edwardo. want this crayon?
edwardo: sure thanks buddy
-1 day later-
ricky: i want that crayon back edwardo.
edwardo: you are such a taker backer!
ricky: what did you say?
edwardo: taker backer!
ricky: thats it *pulls out a gun*
edwardo: hey man, calm down.
ricky: give me my crayon back you poop head!
edwardo: cmon man, i need it.
ricky: *cocks gun*
edwardo: fine here you go.
ricky: yay thanks
edwardo: no problem
ricky: so you wanna go to burger palace?
edwardo: sure. id love to.
ricky: okay lets go.
edwardo: alright let me get my coat on.
ricky: hey thats my coat.
edwardo: you gave it to me.
ricky: well i want it back.
edwardo: fuck you pasta sucker
edwardo and ricky pull out their guns and shoot everyone. the world dies. the end.

remember kids, being a taker backer is bad!
by taker backer July 10, 2008

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