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an emo bastard, is a guy who is not only emo, but thinks he is superior to everyone because of that. He won't socialise with anyone outside of the emo genre, refusing to be seen with anyone 'mainstream' even though the whole trend of 'emo' is TOTALLY mainstream now anyway. Also they won't broaden their horizons and realise there is a WIDE range of music that is way cool and not emo/screamo, anyone whos emo is a bastard anyway, an EMO BASTARD!! and anyone sticking up for an emo bastard is crap. also a female version is called an emo bitch and i have come across many in my time, with their stuck up bimboey materialism. what happened to individuality, jesus christ!

k im done
Emo Bastard- omfgz like lk at that shmexi bitch, she is 'teh sex'
emobitch - i hate that skank she totally copied my skinnies idea!! *straigtens fringe
by tadaaaa February 20, 2006
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