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Hard ass rock cocaine, usually sold by niggas in the projects. It is important to remember regardless of where said niggas go, they are required to have that crinnack on their person. Big booty nawhaImtawmbout!
Dave: Man jury duty is so boring... If only I had some big booty bitches

Big Scott: I aint got no big booty bitches, but I do got that crinnack!

Dave: Sweet Really, thats awesome! Your the man! I'm bout to get fucked up yeah biatch!

Big Scott: I got that crinnack, I got that crinnack, no matter where I go I got that crack...

Dave: To bad you aint got no sosa...
by ta-cum-ci June 06, 2013

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Specifically referring to a BLACK person that can fight.

This is colloquial speech and can only be correctly applied when describing BLACK or sometimes in rare occasions HISPANIC people. Asians and Whites can under no circumstances be described as "got them hands".

While an Asian or White may single handedly knock 3 or more mexicans unconscious, he or she CAN NOT be referred to as "having them hands", only as a real ass nigga (it is always OK to refer to a white boy that knocks out 3 or more mexicans as a real ass nigga, ALWAYS, in fact fighting 3 mexicans at the same time is one of the few routes to caucasion real nigganess! 1 of 3 mexicans must be a real nigga and the white must scream out "EAT NIGGA EAT NIGGA DONT RUN OLE BITCH ASS NIGGA" while in the mix with the REALEST of the 3 mexicans to apply)

Finally this word is intended to be used in reference to the age demographic 13 - 24. When referring to a black that is Beyond the 13 - 24 demographic and can fight, some commonly accepted terms are "ain't no bitch as nigga", "real ass nigga", "a dog" etc.
Tyson: man if lil keith keeps bragging about a how he fucked peejay's ole lady them south-side niggas gonna jump his ass...

Jamaal: Hell naw boi, lil keith "GOT THEM HANDS"! I seen him knock out a cop and two bodyguards before. The cops had to call back up and mace that nigga. They hit him wit da taser and even after all of that they still needed John Cena to come thru and hit him with that attitude adjustment before he was finally subdued.

Tyson: yeah I guess your right... That nigga lil keith is a real ass nigga!

Jamaal: You a whole bitch, now you wan jump on lil keith dick, coward ass, I'll bat the piss out u
by ta-cum-ci April 15, 2014

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