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A well traveled penis that knows about the finer things in life.

considered a thing of beauty in most cultures a well seasoned penis takes dedication and hard work to achieve
"It has seen many things my seasoned penis"

"It is not time which makes a penis seasoned. It is the experiences and hardships it has endured"

"Gaze at the wonderment of a REAL seasoned penis! note the loose, wrinkled skin and extensive sagging"

"You should of seen it man one of the most seasoned penis's I've ever laid eyes on. Bro it was like a well worn peice of vintage leather, pumped with blood and blue veins showing"

"My penis took another Hard knock last night, few more like that and it will be well seasoned"

"whatever doesn't kill it makes it stronger"
by swift2 August 05, 2012
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Refers to the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, i.e. the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.
The gun club members are all very 2A persons.
by swift2 November 20, 2009
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