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Person who works long hours every day of the week except Sunday in some states trying to help people find affordable cars for themselves or their families. Endures consistent objections and lies but gets paid to overcome those objections and creatively solve the problems in front of them to help their clients.
Went by the local Ford place and told my car salesman I needed to talk to my wife first. I really went down the street to Chevrolet and bought a brand new Chevrolet Silverado!

I bought a used Corolla with 80,000 miles on it. I was hesitant but the salesman over at Mazda explained that it came with a free warranty. Never had a single problem with the car.

I went to the local Chevrolet place to check out a used Jeep but the car salesman kept pushing for me to buy right now. I felt uncomfortable so I just drove away. I found another Jeep at Toyota and the guy there was really understanding and made me feel comfortable. This one cost more but I had a great experience and send all my friends there!
by sweetvictory77 October 8, 2020