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cock blocking at a level so high, that you cant believe the person that is attempting to prevent you from gettin some play is still trying. so it can only be known as the Olympic level. this person will try to pull out every excuse to prevent you from having a good time, whether boy/girl, even if it means making a bullshit excuse or story to avoid a possible score for you. these people are basically trying to play defense when they are already down by six TD's in the end of the fourth and you are guaranteed the trophy and all that shit.
the party is coming to an end and Im vibin' really good with this one chick. but some asshole is tryna get in the way of my score with this chick and i hurdled all his shit like it was the olympics. he tried to invite other people to stop me from gettin my girl, he jumped into every convo we was tryna have. this dick even tried to critisize some small stuff like the color of my shirt to make me look like a shithead. yo even tried to split a cab with me an my girl but my girl set him straight by saying she was going home with me and thats when everybody at the party knew his ass was tryna cock block at an olympic level,so it could only be described as Olympic Cock blocking.
by sweetrod willy February 27, 2010
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