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A term used to designate that the spouse in control of the household finances has given approval to make a large purchase.
Me: Did you get approval from corporate to purchase that $350 digital storage device?

Tim: Yes, with the proviso "If you think we really need it."
by sutch May 09, 2009

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Security devices and configurations which inhibit or minimize employee productivity. Employee productivity may be impacted by limiting access to information, communication and computing functionality, as well as by limiting computing performance. Controls may block websites, may block communication channels such as IRC, may slow computing devices by using full-disk encryption, antivirus, and spyware, may break applications by performing man-in-the-middle attacks and by misconfiguring applications. For some employees, substantial effort may be expended to find workarounds to bypass controls.
Brenda: Why won’t IE open this site?
Tim: The productivity throttling controls are misconfigured to arbitrarily disable TLS connections in IE. Go into Tools and enable TLS connections.

The productivity throttling controls won’t allow Firefox to get a critical update that addresses a vulnerability. Now I need to download the update and manually install. What a waste of time.

My workstation is churning away because of having to scan the large email attachment that I received. Because of the productivity throttling controls, I am unable to even switch tabs in my web browser.

Bill: Websense is prohibiting me from downloading a library I need to complete this work.
Me: We’ll let customer wait another day for the deliverable while I bypass the productivity throttling controls by downloading the library at home tonight and supplying to you on a USB tomorrow.
by sutch December 08, 2010

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A style of short video usually geared toward web newbies. The videos are characterized by a white table-like surface over which hand-drawn and computer printed manipulatives are moved about to demonstrate a technology. The audio is usually punctuated by excited "yays" and "boos" and accompanied by hand gestures such as thumbs-up/down, hang loose and finger snaps. The CommonCrafty style was popularized by the "...in Plain English" line of videos available on YouTube.
John3EEE: check out the New Media Douchebags Explained video on YouTube
SpiceLee: saw it forever ago. very commoncrafty and even sounds like the dude from the common craft vids.
by sutch May 11, 2009

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