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Dutch word which doesn't really have a translation. It is like the word cosy, but more elaborate.
Wat een gezellig huis.
What a cosy house.

Ik was bij mijn tante op bezoek. Het was best gezellig.
I visited my aunt. It was (cosy/nice).
by superwholockchick May 18, 2017
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Callisto was a nymph from Greek mythology and one of Artemis's followers. Zeus liked her and pretended to be Artemis so he could come close. He then revealed himself and raped her. Callisto didn't dare telling Artemis because her followers were all supposed to be virgins, which she now wasn't anymore, whether she wanted to or not. When she was several months into the pregnancy, Artemis and her followers went bathing and she was forced to undress. When Artemis saw her belly, she was furious because Callisto hadn't told her and turned her into a she-bear. Callisto was then chased and killed by dogs. Zeus rescued her unborn child and gave it to the mother of Hermes to care for.
Person 1: I heard about this girl who was raped and then blamed for being pregnant.
Person 2: Damn, just like Callisto. I guess humans never learn.
by superwholockchick February 9, 2018
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