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The North American Union is the event that will make thousands of American, Canadians and Mexicans shit their pants to the point of no return.

It will make Mexico, The US and Canada into one giant country, with one currency called the Amero and open borders allowing all citizens of the three countries to travel, live and work freely in either land. Very much like the European Union. Some ignorant people think of this North American Union as a myth, but then again, the European Union was a ¨myth¨ too and see what happened?.
¨The North American Union sure made things alot easier for the goverment to know everything about its citizens! Did you get your RFID chip implanted in your arm yet? I did along with my National ID and a 10 Ameros cuppon to buy food at Mexicamericanada Mart! ROFL¨
by superduperrofldude August 29, 2009
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