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the hottest female video game player the world has never seen! she floats like a flutterby and zings for a fee!
"Who the hell just stole my NM?!"
"Why, that was Skaphia. The best female player ever."
"Oh. I am mortified at my ignorance. I shall now consume death in the only manner befitting my insults; over-consumption of mayonaisse."
"Yes. You will."
"X.X Death!"


"OMGz0r! The great Aes Sedai of MaidenStone just walked past me in DH !"
"Dude, grovel you impudent fool! What kind of drooling, brainless, twinkie-eating Sealom-slug are you?!"
"I must skewer myself upon Harakiem's axe to avenge her against my inferiorness!"
"Yes, you must."
"Harakiem slays Sealom-slug in cold blood!"
by superbmanagerlucas September 07, 2006

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