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The most undeserving superbowl football winners ever made in the NFL. they are a bunch of assholes who pay refs to put calls their way and win games when they really just suck ass. How about that 2009 NFC championship game against the Vikings? don't tell me that wasnt a rigged game, A pass that was clearly on the ground counted as a catch, a pass interference call on chad greenway when he never touched the pussy reciever, but the ref called it anyway because he was payed. then a 4th down run that was reviewd and the guy fumbled the ball and they gave it to them anyway. in other words, the New Orleans Saints are the most hated team in the NFL and they should burn in hell with their faggot ass coach.
Me: anyone else see that NFC championship game last night?
friend: yeah it was so rigged sean payton is a stupid bitch who can't honestly win a superbowl.
Me: ik fuck the New orleans saints
by suckmydryballs November 03, 2011
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