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wuffle is the drug-of-choice for the new-millenium internet addict. it can only be obtained by offering quality online services to complete strangers for the low low price of $0.00, with no possibility of any renumeration.
High-wuffle-salary occupations include:

Moderating high-traffic public forums
*** bonus wuffle: paying real money to host the forums

Lurking around IT forums to help newbies and trolls with their IT problems
*** bonus wuffle: moderating those same forums. if you also host the forums then you may well suffer a wuffle overdose.

Releasing free software or PC Game modifications or total conversions
*** bonus wuffle: making a supporting website for it or releasing >3 versions

Hosting warez laden ratio-free FTPs with anonymous access
*** bonus wuffle: hiding the server on some poor unsuspecting businesses unprotected Win2k gateway beneath a mountain of weird directory names

These are just some examples of how to earn wuffle.
by streetdaddy September 01, 2004

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