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Scotland spelled backwards.
"Where do you live?"
by strawberryjello April 12, 2004

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An extreme form of slut. Usually known for her fake white hair and too much mascara. Lyndsay's are desperate and tend to prey on other girls boyfriends, they have no consideration for anyone but themselves.

Lyndsay's usually jump into bed with anyone who will give them a bit of attention. They only hang out with people who are uglier than them to make themselves feel better. Lyndsay's walk around like they are better than everyone else and ware small tube tops and mini skirts even though they are fat.

Most Lyndsay's have a problem with Abby, Katie, Hazel, Chloe and Sophie. Probably because if their skanky ways.
Guy 1: Wow look at that fat girl dude.

Guy 2: That's gotta be a Lyndsay

Girl 1: I can't believe that skank slept with my boyfriend!

Girl 2: Ew what a Lyndsay!
by Strawberryjello October 22, 2013

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