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This activity occurs when you are in public and you see a police officer. The game goes as followed.
1. Spot a police officer or someone in law enforcement.
2. Look at him/her and make sure he/she sees you clearly.
3. Run as fast as you can in the opposite direction.
4. Results may vary.
A. Wanna play sketchball?
B. What's that?
A. It's awesome.
by stevemasterofallthings July 10, 2008
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There is a misconception that AIDS was created by whites to kill off blacks. The original use for the disease was to stop the spread of vampires, zombies, and all other living dead that suck blood. AIDS is also the irony of humanity because while it was perfectly effective at killing off living dead, scientific researchers (who are all white) realized that it was perfectly effective at killing off blacks. There is no known cure for AIDS, but some immunities include: being white, massive amounts of win, lv 70 armor, and money,; none of which blacks have.
Black man- "stfu whitey this is all your faults."

"She's such a whore, her legs spread faster than AIDS spread in Africa"
by stevemasterofallthings June 17, 2008
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