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Hollywood Actor. Governor of California. 40th president of the United States.

A strong leader and gifted orator, his administrative style and policies have made him one of the defining presidents of the late 20th century and a tremendously polarizing figure in American politics.

He boldly advanced the twin conservative virtues of fiscal discipline and strong national defense all the while exporting an aggressive form of foreign policy that surmounted a half century long effort to contain and push back the powers of communism.

His efforts to minimize the scope of federal regulatory structures and alleviate marginal tax burdens in addition to setting a stable monetary policy lead to one of the largest episodes of economic expansion in recent history.

The man attracts the raw and often irrational ire of of the political left due primarily to the fact that his political legacy is a successful condemnation of sacred progressive principles as highlighted in contrast to the catastrophe that was the Carter administration.
Progressive: Ronald Reagan was a mean, mentally deranged, hateful old man.

Conservative: Why, because he wasn't engineering winners and losers through a convoluted tax system that puts downward pressure on economic development?

Progressive: No because he left the poor out to dry and hated gay people.

Conservative: Oh, well that explains why his gay son still has a high regard for his late father and how there was enormous wealth creation and essentially no net growth in poverty levels over the course of his administration.

Progressive: ...... Most people have no idea who Reagan really was.

Conservative: Yeah, I can see that.
by statuarytalk May 08, 2012

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