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Term used to seperate the working class from the "does not work, will not work and has never worked" classes

The underclass usually occupy perfectly good council houses and then proceed to litter their gardens with fridges, dog turds, fast food boxes and other assorted items. The underclass enjoy decorating the inside of their houses in much the same manner and despite the apparent poverty in most other aspects of their lives they will still manage to afford a very large plasma t.v. (which is to be left on at all times)

The occupants of these buildings will almost certainly be claiming the following benefits

Child benefits- for their numerous offspring
Disability benefits- see "nerves", "depression" "ADHD" etc
Job Seeker Allowence- For not looking for a job
Housing benefit-

Please note that despite all of this the undeclasses still feel victimised particularly when their drunken domestic incidents are broken up by the police at 2am.

It should be noted that under no circumstances should a member of the middle class attempt to blame the underclass' woeful existence actually on the underclass, as the underclass will immediately find blame anywhere else. Because surely their total lack of motivation and morals is the fault of society.
working class- I need benefits to help look after my child

underclass- I need a child to help me get benefits
by spiknspan July 17, 2009

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