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to all those who don't understand what the matrix was about, why don't you check out www.davidicke.com , now THAT will really blow your mind
I read Icke's "Children Of The Matrix" and now I know what's going on!
by spellbreaker August 29, 2003

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Chemtrails are used to steer and propagate energies used in
ultra-secure communications, and because they quickly lose their
coherency, chemtrails that is, to become reflective layers of clouds
over a few hours time, they can also be (are) used to form what must be
called "The Broadcast Canopy", a major tool within the radiant arsenal
and in weather modification. A huge reflective sheet is formed over a
subject population, and the energies and frequencies broadcast from
antennae farms everywhere can be attuned to achieve ends that have been
researched extensively by the CIA during Projects Paperclip, MK-ULTRA,
and others...

Broadcast Canopys also are used to perpetuate things like through-wall
radar, very long distance sound bugging of premises, computer monitoring
from afar, and general invasions of privacy...
look up! you're being sprayed by your own government.
by spellbreaker July 23, 2003

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