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'speechless sleepless' is experienced by an individual when they are left both speechless and sleepless as a result of being away for the most important and special person in the entire universe.

When the special person says or does something to stun the individual, speech may either totally cease or in a less extreme case, the individual may experience a slight wheezing noise each time they attempt a word. And because of the distance between the two, sleeplessness is experienced double fold.

The experiencer of speechless sleepless, will feel extremely light headed 1) because they are still thinking constantly about their special person 2) because attempts at trying to speak but with no success expends vast energy 3) restlessness because they can't get to bed. In addition, an intoxication involving immense feelings of love or euphoria can also be felt and intensifies the experience of 'speechless sleepless'
yikes, i can't speak or sleep or breath... i must be suffering from an severe case of speechless sleepless.
by speechless.sleepless May 30, 2010
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