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In many cultures the Livicabra is one of the most feared creatures. It mainly hunts chinchillas or lemmings, but does not object to human flesh. It hunts at night and its peak is when the moon is full. There is not many of them but never approach these monsters because once you do, you are a goner.
The Livicabra is a decedent of the Chupacabra
by speakerofthehousesckl August 16, 2011
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Save the Chinchillas Kill the Livicabra. Livicabra is like the chupacabra but instead of eating goats it eats your chinchillas and lemmings. SCKL is an organization to keep everyone and everything save from the horrid beast.
dude, hit up SCKL you'll be protected.
by speakerofthehousesckl July 27, 2011
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