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Nickname for the sorority sisters of Gamma Phi Beta; Chapters around the nation rise through the ranks of Greek life to be the #1 sorority on campus for their classy nature, fun loving personality, intelligence, and of course, many times gorgeous appearance. A group of these sorority girls are bound to the life of any party and the envy of other sorority girls. Not only are these women fun party girls, but they have the beautiful looks and fashion sense to top it off. Fraternity boys want to date them and girls die to be them. G Phi B's are the epitome of what every girl should aspire to be.
Sister of other greek organization: "G Phi B's are always on top of their game, they're always so posed. I'm jealous! They can get any guy they want! Man, I wish I could have gotten a bid from the best sorority on campus.."
by sororitycutie08 November 03, 2007

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