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The hottest and loudest people on the planet. You know you're Bulgarian when:
1) your normal volume is twice that of your other friends

2) you eat your body weight in baklava and shopska salad

3) you've been drinking beer since you were in diapers

4) headache? rakiya! knee scratch? rakiya! headache? rakiya! divorce? rakiya!

5) music videos are mostly softcore porn

6) you have to explain chalga to everyone

7) your baba will tell you to lose weight but won't let you leave the house unless you've eaten four servings of manja

8) you yell "opa!" at anything from your friends tripping up, to baking a good cake
"What are you watching, why us everyone naked and with lip fillers?!"

"I'm Bulgarian, it's just the newest pop song!"
by sophia00 August 19, 2016
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