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A person is a myspace whore when they post many pictures at angles with terrible lighting that makes your eyes bleed, constantly post bulletins asking to add this person or that group, having more "friends" than they could ever have or remember if myspace never existed, and has thier page so fubar'ed with contrasting colors and crappy fonts that cause eye strain and enough blinking objects to, again, make your eyes bleed and possibly even cause an epileptic siezure. Also like to screw up the formatting so the page is wider than your screen even with the rez set to maximum along with a music player that plays loud, annoying music when you load the page.

Caution should be taken if you call them out on being said myspace whores. They have a hard time letting go of the past and will turn people against you, even if they never met you, which makes them no better than the myspace whore(s). Usually this only happens if the people live in a small town because they are out of touch with reality and sometimes, like in my case, have a broken sense of whats right and wrong which I think was caused by religion.
Myspace Whore: Awsome, I finally got my site all prettied up with black background, loud annoying music player, 800+ friends,most of whom I don't know, glittery words, hard to read font and contrasting colors that make you strain your eyes, pictures of random things that blink and could be a health hazard to someone, and my pictures of me at angles AND in the mirror!
by someonewhoknowsrightfromwrong November 13, 2010

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