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A potentially fatal action by humanit, which has been linked to increased drought in many regions already, particularly in Africa, where it is believed to have worsened political conditions.

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www.usatoday.com/news/nation/ 2003-01-30-drought-usat_x.htm
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An enormous number of scientific foundations have released warnings that Global Warming could drastically alter climatic patterns, threatening the orientation of current farmland, cities, and populations. Increased CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere have also been linked to lower nutritional content in various food, off setting the theoretical "bounty harvests" various politicians have theorized to be produced in the future.

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Global Warming may have natural causes as well as human related ones, however there is disagreement on the degree and even existance of the natural causes in the scientific community. Human activities, however, are undoubtedly related to it, according to nearly every scientific study.

Unfortunately, there is still widespread misunderstanding of the nature and severity of Global Warming among the populace, blatantly derived from the unduely skeptical and irrationally hesitant media coverage. For instance, only 35% of mainstream media articles accurately reflected the scientific "debate", that there are definately anthropological causes and possibly natural ones, a stark contrast to accepted scientific theory.

Global Warming is real, and will have serious and grave consequences for the whole of humanity.
by some one with evidence December 20, 2006

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