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Who cares? Let 1999 go. Anything produced by MTV post-january 2, 2000 is crap. Staged, pre-produced crap. Most of the suburban white kids who, from early 1998 to December 31 1999 7:00 pm ran home, turned on TRL, and called their friends to tell them that TRL was on, resorted to napster after Y2K started. "Why watch videos on MTV when I can download the whole album, some porn, and sell hardcore photos of myself to loser males?". Newlyweds is a show mostly watche ghetto blacks and trashy wiggers who can barely afford soap and groceries, let alone cable and satelite television. Newlyweds is irrelevant, outdated crap that is neither intellectual nor pop culture. It's irrelevant shit.
Let's watch Newlyweds which MTV watchers thinks is part of the hot reality craze (they also think that the reality television craze began with survivor in 2000, when the reality television craze began in 1991 with The Real World).
by smartguy5858 January 29, 2005

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