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An alternative to the expression 'fair enough'. Often said as a dismissive response to an explaination of something. Hairy Muff indicates that the person saying it does not really care about whatever it is they have been told. If said quickly enough the person it is said to may not even be aware that you have in fact referred to an ungroomed vaginal area. It is not often used in formal and/or serious conversation although it is somewhat amusing to test the acceptable limits of the phrase.
Example 1
Ben: The reason I haven't been out picking up chicks lately is because I realised that I was ignoring my true sexuality. I wanna be with Carl. I think I'm gay.
Ned: Hairy Muff.

Example 2
Dale: I think I'm going to kill myself!
Ned: Hairy Muff.
by slutmeister May 30, 2009
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An alcoholic drink consisting of a shot glass half filled with vodka (Russian) and half with Scotch whisky.
This shot combines the smooth, complex and aromatic flavours of Scotch and the pure, clear, uplifting elements of vodka to make a delicious beverage that is the best of both worlds. Often consumed before a night out on the town as it provides much needed sustenance for the night ahead. Will get the drinker quite shitfaced if drunk in copious quantities. Can also induce vomiting in those with weak stomachs.
Damien: Man let's do another Russian Bagpipe! They're delicious.

Damien: I'm so fucking hungover, i shouldn't have had all those Russian Bagpipes...
by slutmeister June 01, 2009
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