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cocaine comes from the coca leaf and is a central nervous stimulant that releases dopamine into synapses and keeps it there resulting in a euphoric, energetic, "clean", clear headed, and enjoyable high. the high however is short lived (15-40 minutes) followed by craving for more that can lead to a binge cycle where a user will keep using until the stash is gone.

cocaine CAN be harmful if used frequently and heavily causing heart problems, paranoia, anxiety, nasal ulcers, and other issues and if used days on end is not uncommon to cause a schizophrenic episode called "cocaine psychosis" which generaly wears off once the drug does. if not then chances are the person has an underlying mental issue. however it is possible for cocaine to be used responsibly and if used in small amounts and very infrequently it is generaly not harmful.

cocaine is usualy snorted or injected. in some cases people dab a little bit on the end of the penis thinking it will enhance sexual pleasure. this practice however is dangerous and can result in amputation of the penis.

cocaine is also cut with many other adulterants such as baking soda, starch, sugars, caffeine, and amphetamines. the cuts in cocaine often times is more damaging to nasal membranes than the actual cocaine.
1.) billy was an uneducated jackass who, one day, snorted WAY too much cocaine after putting some on the end of his penis thinking that he would have a good time. the result was a heart attack, a penis deader than he was, and one freaked out hooker.

2.) jim was educated about drugs and new when to set limits. he ate well, excersized, and occaionaly used cocaine in reasonable amounts and new when he had enough. he did this a couple times a year without problems until eventualy he grew up a little and decided his party days were a thing of the past and became successful in his career.
by skljfljkg May 20, 2008
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