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a mythical creature: Greek singular: κΨЩιй∆ renouned for her beauty and musical ability often mistaken as a siren. legends have it that this creatures charm is only matched by her competative spirit and determination.although not harmed by sunlight perfers the comfort of darkness. most well known for her masterfull skills and interests in cultural artivities of the age such as fine art and music. not considered particalry dangerous however she is legended to have strength to rival that of a bull which gave rise to the modern expression "strong like bull" the kimlyn has no real weaknesses other than a strong reliance on sleep. it is believed that she feasts only on natural fruits and vegatables to achieve imortality along with ocasionaly the souls of the unborn.
Guy1: "hey whats that magical sound?"

Guy2 : " oh my christicles!! is that a kimlyn?!?!?!?!"
by sir iago the honest January 26, 2012

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